When to Seek Internal Hemorrhoid Treatment

If you are seeking an internal hemorrhoid treatment, chances are you have discovered, or suspect, that you have hemorrhoids. Blood, commonly noticed on either clothing or toilet paper, is the numero uno indication that you have internal hemorrhoids because they are not typically felt and generally cause no external discomfort. However, if blood accumulates and the hemorrhoid swells, it can be very painful especially during bowel movements.

If the condition worsens, the hemorrhoid can tear and begin to bleed. It is possible with repeated straining that the hemorrhoid will begin to protrude, becoming an external hemorrhoid. Although the presence of blood may indicate hemorrhoids there are other conditions which may lead to this discovery. It is highly recommended that one must seek medical attention immediately upon the discovery of any type of unexplained or uncontrolled bleeding.

Hemorrhoids develop when swelling occurs in or around the rectum or anus. The swelling, or enlargement of the superficial veins, can become very painful and are typically due to straining but can be caused by a variety of reasons like poor diet, lack of exercise or even sitting and standing for long durations. Pregnancy or childbirth and obesity are also common reasons for hemorrhoids. In any case, if bleeding is present and pain persists it is highly recommended that the sufferer should seek internal hemorrhoid treatment. While external hemorrhoids are obvious and easy to diagnose, internal hemorrhoids are much harder to detect and an internal rectal examination is required. In cases where the hemorrhoid is too soft to detect by physically “feeling” for it, your doctor may do a more thorough examination with the use of a small scope which will allow for a visual examination of the rectum internally. The examination is typically done on an outpatient basis while the patient is under a local anesthesia.

While having hemorrhoids can be an embarrassing experience, under no circumstances should they be taken lightly and immediate medical attention is recommended. The sooner you address the situation, the faster your recovery results will be. Seeking medical attention will provide the sufferer with the most significant opportunity to avoid an aggravated condition. Internal hemorrhoid treatment may consist of some form of anti inflammatory medication either over the counter or prescribed by your doctor. Sitz baths are a common treatment for any type of hemorrhoid along with a healthy, fiber rich diet, consumption of plenty of water and regular exercise.